E-commerce and Retail

E-commerce and Retail Industry is a growing part of the overall digital market. Its growing share in the Retail world is spiking towards 15%. This way, E-commerce and Retail industry keep fueling the retail world in ways that remain exclusive to the digital market, overcoming physical, cultural and business mindset barriers.

Fin Tech

Financial processes and transactions were part of the pioneering operations to benefit from technological solutions. Fin Tech industry pushes forward all the other Industries by speeding up transactions and reducing operational costs.


Healthcare Industry was the main industry to see a rise in interaction between its parties during the pandemic. Digitalized services provided by intelligent, yet practical tools have had a significant impact in human resources smart management, avoiding the risky Burnout Syndrome among healthcare professionals.


Outsourcing and Outstaffing applications in Logistics not only imrpove a companies’ efficiency, but they also show a more reputable growth of them over a shorter period of time. Speeding up logistic processes helps the companies remain on the verge of market’s best offers.


During the pandemic, Education hugely benefitted from services, processes and products best performed by teams or companies within the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Before the pandemic, education powered by BPO services was a pervasive trend nonetheless, but now its legacy seems to be deeply rooted in this sector's DNA as it has made education mcuh more inclusive, especially towards the most vulnerable groups.

Food and Delivery

Food and Delivery industry took a breath of fresh air once it started relying more and more on BPO services. This way, food-on-demand was not an intangible goal anymore, not only for end customers, but also for the supplying chain. There is also a growing impact on the production sector of the Food and Delivery industry facilitated by outsourcing and outstaffing solutions.

Global Business Services

Global Business Services, as the name implies, managed to become a universal industry on its own through major international service and processes transactions. The production and sales of products and services among several countries is now defininf the international and economic relationships of this new era.

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