Vigàn Solutions comes as a collection of experiences working and collaborating with international companies and organizations. We merged our ideas and strengths to bring the best outcome. Vigàn Solutions is a branch of Vigàn Investment. It is the continuation of strong ties of collaboration between agile and young experts in overcoming market challenges. Eventually, the values and the work of these young and passionate staff members- now, partners- grew to be a company on its own right.

Vigàn Solutions shares much of its core values and spirit with Vigàn Investment while emphasizing the youth as the driving force in generating practical and authentic solutions. We came into the business to create a legacy to bring values. Above all, we don’t see problems, we see situations and challenges. This way, we provide solutions.


Vigàn Solutions aspires to continuously fuel and stabilize the mentality that hard work and ingenious solutions are real and tangible across societies, despite their inherited self-limiting beliefs.

On mid- to long- term basis, we aim to operate in a business and social environment that is more comfortable in its own skin and draws inspiration from its own core values.


Trusting and nurturing the human potential while acknowledging it as our most treasured talent paves the road to a healthy company mindset.

Persisting on our core values, such as resilience, innovation, customer loyalty, integrity supports the growth of this mentality from company- centered to culturally accepted.

Meet Our Team

Meet Ersenilda Elezi

Meet Ersenilda Elezi

Vigàn Solutions CEO & Co-Founder
Ersenilda Elezi has over 14 years of experience as a specialist in Human Resources in international companies and corporates, such as XL World, Xerox.

Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors at ABSL Association of Business Service Leaders, ABSL Albania, Board Member at Vigàn Investment and HR Expert.

Mrs. Elezi strongly lobbies for workforce qualifications, identification, awareness and presentation of BPO business services.

Meet Arjodita Mustali

Meet Arjodita Mustali

Vigàn Solutions Co-Founder
Arjodita is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and developer, startup mentor, public speaker and co-author.

She is the CEO and co-founder of Vigàn Investment, a Holding company that invests in businesses and startups cenetring around providing services and solutions in the Business Services Industry. Since 2020, she is the President of ABLS Albania, representing Albanian businesses that operate in BPO, R&D, ITO and Shared Services. Arjodita has been contributing in the Business Services Industry for over 14 years, focusing mostly in Technology and Innovation. Arjodita intends to develop her businesses by empowering entrepreneurs, women and youth in making more self-conscious choices that not only benefit them professionally, but also the industry, the economy and the country.

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