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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]COVID-19 caught us all off- guard. There was no exception, even though it was not the first time in the history that a pandemic hit.
People, the health sector, other institutions, businesses… they all had to face a big challenge: come up with a new routine that kept things running despite the unusual situation.

Working remotely was the headline of every business news and many companies found out that despite the presumed difficulty, their staff turned out to be quite successful at it.

Marketing teams and event-planning teams in Albania had to make their own arrangements too. In the face of last-minute cancelations, they upgraded event-planning in Albania into a digital form.

Coming up with original ways to bring people together in a celebratory and digital take at the same time marked the isolation months. This whole new strategy developed into a trend, while event planners in Albania continue to devise ways to keep their audience digitally engaged.

Bring the best for Your Guests

Would you expect a digital business event to have the same turnout as the classical/ typical/ face-to-face one?
We were all doubting this at the beginning of the pandemic, but digital parties appeared to be foolproof attendee-wise.

A little party never killed anybody, and everybody agrees!

The setting is completely new, surely, and it takes a different approach from the event-planning team Albania to ensure the interaction an event longs for.

It does take a long process of consideration and assessment, and, eventually, some back-up damage control scenario, if all fails due to poor internet connection on either side, but this is purely comparable to unexpected showers during a wedding.

Think of it as major forces that are ultimately out of your hands, so do not allow that to define your digital event.
Keep things simple and “eventful”, so that you focus on the actual planning of the event and not transfer your much-needed attention into probable yet, uncertain details.
It’s the personal approach that brings people closer, especially in trying times, so make an effort and invite your attendees personally, on behalf of your company. Since faces and voices are the only human contact in a digital event, go for both. Make phone calls for invitations in the form of pre-event follow-ups. Conclude with post-event follow-ups and thank everyone personally, the same way it started.

Make the Content Coherent and Relevant

Don’t forget to be sensitive to what worries and concerns people most at the time of your planned digital get-together.
Especially when the event is held in a virtual environment, it is much-needed to add a human touch to technology.
There is always a strong link between what the company needs at the present moment and what the customers are looking for. They need to feel part of the overall consideration and find in it the motivation and faith in the company. Entertaining, stress-relieving, and inspirational moments in the event amplify the outcome and serve your audience as a cliffhanger. You have already paved your way to more upcoming digital parties!

Respect Their Program

Both, working or attending an event from home comes with its own set of distractions. It’s not just the people you share your home with, it is the actual home that you need to reconceptualize in your mind as the “Mystique” of all places- it can transform into anything, just like the marvelous X-men mutant.
On the event planner’s side, home is quite a personal space and it is amazing that people virtually agree to share it with one- another.
In order to facilitate the event’s success, stay true to your attendees’ program, and schedule just as much as you need to stay to yours.

Think Omnichannel

No need to centralize the channel of communication.
There are numerous virtual platforms that provide the opportunity to host your business event and make it memorable. The key to “virtual” success is to change up the setting, just like you would do in an old-school, face-to-face event. “One platform only” policy might make things slow down and deliver less feedback.
Make it easy on your attendees by making your event accessible.


Event management agency in Albania is Vigan’s specialty and we are open to help you organize all types of events, which can support your organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into your company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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