The Play Button is Made for the Modern Customer……Enter Video Marketing!

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Making a video has always been fun. From family videos to the artistic and aesthetically- pleasing projects on TV or on the silver screen.

Nowadays, videos seem to be everywhere.

Why would that be? For one, they engage more senses than other art forms. Also, they are indeed an art form that can be used for more “practical” purposes than the “orthodox” art. What this means is that videos are not selective, they appeal to all audiences.

Now, guess what! This is not a secret. Marketing knows this well, so it created Video Marketing out of its rib.

Introducing Marketing in the form of a Video is simple, profitable, and fun. What is rather unexpected is that things that are fun to watch, make you think and ponder… so, they are not just fun or junk food for your brain. They are good stuff.

Video Marketing in Albania as in…

Video marketing in Albania is simple in its philosophy: using multimedia tools and strategies, videos being the most common mean, in promoting businesses and brands through their products, services.

Video Marketing Albania may stretch into a full campaign. It all starts with a simple how-to video on to live videos, webinars, testimonials, and viral videos.

Video and SEO are best friends

Simple fact: Google is a search engine, so, in order for you to promote your brand and business, you need to rank high in Google pages, and, always, on the first page.

Another fact: YouTube is only second to Google as a search engine. What brings it back to “first” is that its searches are video-based.

Another one: YouTube is owned by Google.

Can you connect the dots now?

Generate good marketing videos in Albania, promote them on YouTube, while using keywords that are Google- approved and that will rank you high on SERPs. You have just drafted the ultimate SEO/ Video Marketing strategy. More sales, more revenues, more profit for you. Congratulations!

Videos spread the word

Videos get people talking, people that are your current or potential customers. Conversation Rate is a tool in analyzing the success of marketing strategies and it is measurable and proven that Videos generate conversations that draw more people interested in a product or service, leading to a boom of purchases, and, at worst, wildfire brand awareness. Scratch “at worst”, please.

Videos are not picky

Yes, videos are non- selective and quite generous in the marketing strategy in Albania sense.

YouTube being only one of the many video marketing platforms, the world is your oyster. Bear in mind that all it takes is a smart device, a product you want to promote, and creativity. Visual creativity will also give you content creativity in the form of keywords, making the whole plan have a double nature that starts in a video form and extends to content and more. This way, your target audience will reach you through different routes.

Do you know about “sock and buskin”? Well, it essentially means “emotions”

Sock and buskin are the two theater masks, the ancient representation of sadness and happiness, the two most distant emotions.

It is scientifically accepted that moving and engaging images are perceived by certain points and locations in our brain that activate an emotional response.

Tapping into the most humane side of your customers makes video marketing a mission, rather than just a job or a plan.

This is exactly Vigan Group’s mission.

Vigan Group is a video marketing company in Albania that helps businesses harness the most powerful aspect of modern marketing—the internet—to engage customers in memorable and meaningful ways. Ways that ignite sales and business growth. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.


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