Management Consulting in Albania: Advice for Better Leadership in Times of Crisis

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“The art of losing isn’t hard to master”- this is what Elizabeth Bishop had to say about loss in all senses.

She was a poet and she was right in business too. Losing isn’t difficult. Losing might as well just happen.

Winning is an elevated point you build up to and expect it not to run you down in a Sisyphus- like way, heavy as a boulder.

Winning is tough. Coming out of a crisis as a winner is borderline supernatural.

Without further elaborating on the causes of such a situation, be they financial or health urgencies, responding to a crisis as a business is an obligation not only to your staff or company but to your hard work and continual efforts primarily.

In an outsourcing business environment, things take a convoluted path since you are the provider of business operations to other businesses.

The responsibility visibly levels up, and so does the strategy.

Being a leader through turbulent times means being selfless to your limits.

In the fortunate case, you have a crisis First Aid kit…

In such a fortunate scenario, you are the leader in the mindset of taking in every difficulty and turning it into an opportunity to grow. Being and remaining optimistic while not losing touch with the seriousness and gravity of a trying situation adds strength to your company’s character.

A solidified structure and horizontal hierarchy in your company are your two best weapons in your arsenal.

For a healthy response, keep the spirit up and show everybody that you are there in all ways possible, from physical presence to the virtual one, enabled by technology. You are not there to take control or seize power. You are there to play your major role in keeping things going smoothly… considering everything. Your staff will know exactly what to do once you show leadership and high-scale engagement.

Encourage imaginativeness

In times of crisis, steer clear from the strict protocol. In order to keep a balance between reliability and creativity, a leader has to motivate the staff not to simply abide by rules and comply with regulations, but improvise and suggest way-outs as the norm.

Something unexpected is not welcome because it catches you off-guard. It is quite cunning. It allows you or your company no time for an equal response. Fight or flight is not going to be the way to tackle problems. Since you have no choice- and, fight! is the answer- you can only rely on intuitive and resourceful people in your company as the Noah’s Ark.

Your staff’s ingenious ways will never fail you, so never cease motivating them. You do not want soldiers; you want inspired professionals.

If you don’t have a plan, make one

Think of a detailed and complex action plan on your good days. This will allow you to be more productive and less anxious not only in your day- to- day routine, but also when things take a toll.

There are already some good strategists overlooked in your company. They are your diamonds in the rough, so give them a chance to deliver more. They will come up with bright and effective loopholes to intense problems since they know their work at a capillary level. This way, you will have the main plan and major alternatives coming together organically.

Damage control and no living in denial

Yes, you might come out of a crisis completely intact and even thrive on it, but, if you are thinking as a leader, you will also acknowledge the high possibility of major drawbacks.

Do not think all is lost. There is no management in that. There are no skills in being defeated.

As you go through tough times, do not stop. Assess your losses and disadvantages on the go and avoid a hemorrhage case at all costs.

All the strategic planning goes to cutting down on losses, so prepare yourself for some. Work with what you have and hold on tight to your assets. At the very end, this is what you fight for. If you have been constantly investing in them, nothing valuable will be lost.

A crisis might ironically serve you as a daring catharsis. Get ready for an enlightening and purifying experience through our Management Consulting Firm in Albania.

Vigàn Group, one of the biggest consulting companies in Albania will gladly be your partner through trying times, assisting you in building and solidifying your company’s character.


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