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About Us

Vigan Group was originally born as a domestic and international market need for BPO businesses and is currently one of the largest business outsourcing company in Albania.  “Vigan” has been chosen based on the idea of ​​being big and powerful, like a giant. And so we aim to make any partner feel like a part of us.

Vigan’s primary competencies range from business management, marketing and communication, virtual assistance and technology innovation. We focus on instructing employees to create high quality products and to provide qualified services.

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of service, and to ensure that standards are being met and exceeded. To offer to customers a wide range of products, which will take their companies to another level, which they did not know that could achieve.

We work together with clients, side by side, to achieve their goals. We are committed to growing our clients businesses by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. A proactive and with an expert team, we help you to save time and make money. We assist consumer products companies become more successful by identifying where to focus to build the most value. Our teams collaborate with clients to develop common objectives, define roles and responsibilities, propose recommendations and implement practical solutions.

Our Goals

To identify and implement the right strategy for your business type.

We aim to effectively use price, communication and distribution techniques to inform, motivate and serve the market

To create values for the brand

Set a New Standard for our client’s products and services

Choose business-employee to rely on a unique, attractive and concrete purpose, aware that any source used should be spent to achieve your goals. Your success is our success

Be the first to introduce technology and innovation in the business process outsourcing industry

Analyze, plan, implement and control projects aimed at implementing swaps with target markets to achieve corporate objectives