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Vigan offers you liberty to focus on your core by providing you professional assistants. Our virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events. Outsourcing virtual assistant is very common in the business community and we are very particular about providing the right kind of help to suit the needs of every business requirements. At Vigan Group, our virtual assistants take the initiative, have the knowledge, right attitude and skills to give you the best virtual assistant services. 

Telemarketing. Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization augment your existing customer relationships. We can increase your revenue by effectively closing sales through our competent inbound/outbound telemarketing services and by creating sales force leads.

Inbound Call Center. Our outsourced call center model allows you to get your highly responsive customer service framework up and running in a very short span of time. Inbound call centers commonly provide customer support or customer service. Inbound call centers may also take sales orders or serve as an internal help desk for businesses. Services provided by our inbound call centers: 1. customer service: take inquiries, requests, complaints; 2. tech support for customers or internally for business 4. take sales orders, order entry and processing 4. schedule appointments, reservations, registration, etc.

Outbound Call Center. Outbound call centers contact consumers on behalf of a business, and sell a product, fund-raise, or conduct surveys. 

Our outsourced call center company provides call center solutions to your business. Services provided by us: 1. lead generation 2. emergency messaging and emergency services dispatch 3. surveys, customer feedback, market research 4. debt collection 5. fraud prevention and outbound credit card services 6. account or subscription upgrades and renewals, etc.

Internet Research. We specialize in delivering competitive data mining research and web research services. It is our mission to deliver accurate web research solutions like product search, market research, and the mining/extraction of data to meet your requirements. We are prepared to handle large volume projects and provide the same exceptional service. We can also perform small web research and provide an amazing amount of data.

Data Entry. In order to collect, manage, analyze and present data in a proper manner, you need not just time, rather a unique approach and professional outlook. Outsource data entry services and get access to accurate and fast data entry services along with efficient processes and quick turnaround time. We offer: 1. Online data capture services 2. Online data entry for legal documents 3. Indexing of vouchers and documents 4. Completion of Online survey and survey forms 5. Online Property data update 6. Data entry on Certification Cards 7. Data capture from online sources 8. Online product updating from ecommerce website 9. Online Data Entry for any type of Cards and Documents 10. Online Data Entry to remote application, etc.personal errands.

Marketing Virtual Assistant. Get our Virtual assistant marketing team, and you can choose the marketing support services you want and the hours you need. From help with a single activity to help you through a busy patch to ongoing marketing support with blogging and social media management. Our VA team is here to help you and your business thrive.

Social Media Virtual Assistant. We offer complete social media assistance. Our social media virtual assistants can help you schedule and manage posts across all social media profiles, respond to comments, follow relevant groups and create campaigns to promote your products. Our Social Media Virtual Assistants are not just assistants, they are communication specialists who interact with your audience on behalf of your brand.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant. We support and manage your virtual assistant so they can help you build your business, decrease expenses, and maintain the relationship you have with your clients. We will complete your essential administrative tasks required with marketing properties and attending to your buyers’ needs. Delegating these tasks allows you time to visit with buyers and sellers and actually increase your “sell” real estate.

eCommerce Virtual Assistant. We provide administrative assistance as well as a variety of specialty creative services, ancillary to core business tasks. Our services include a range of design, admin, creative and developmental tasks that will allow you to take your business to the next level.

Bookkeeping Assistant. As a virtual bookkeeping service, we can ensure that everything is up to date. Our Virtual Bookkeepers offer: 1. Ensure bank records are complete and accurate 2. Enter transactions 3. Pay employees and contractors 4. Note employee reimbursements 5. Help prepare your quarterly or annual taxes 6. Run reports on spending patterns, etc.

Professional Virtual Assistant. Our Virtual Assistant company is a reliable virtual assistant services provider. We offer timely, affordable, efficient and personalized virtual assistant services to individuals, small, medium and large businesses. We can implement your personal and professional tasks with the expertise and perfection. We offer personalized virtual assistant services round the clock, across different time zones. We depute trained and job-specific resources on clients’ needs which helps clients to focus on their critical aspects of business. Our virtual assistance services enable you to focus on your core business which will help you to boost your bottom line.

Email and Chat Support. Our services aim to enhance performance effectiveness and to provide broad-based integrated contact center solutions to all businesses. As an integrated part of our customer support/service and Back office services, chat support and email support take the center-stage. Email Support and Chat Support have now developed in becoming the two most basic means of transmitting real-time essential data thereby influencing customer relationships. This is the main reason why we suggest businesses to outsource their customer services like help desk support, technical support, and complaint collection.

Travel / Airline & Hotel Reservations. You can outsource a remote virtual assistant from Vigan. Our expert remote virtual assistant can help you with flight reservations, arranging transportation, hotel bookings, and itinerary management.

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