Human Resources

Whether your HR strategy is hard to effectively execute with your current resources or if your current team lacks expertise needed to get you there, HR outsourcing might be an option worth considering. Vigan Group can take on all of your HR strategy or all  services such as payroll, benefits, compliance, training, recruiting and more. Our company specializes in helping businesses of all sizes accomplish their HR strategy.

Payroll Processing System

Vigan outsourced payroll services follow clearly defined SLAs and Processes. Our commitment to delivery can be easily understood and verified. We comply with fully automated processes to handle your payroll outsourcing process so that possibilities of human errors are eradicated. We have ensured that our payroll processing follows all the required standards of government and tax regulations.

We deliver the highest possible standards in Payroll Outsourcing Services and this has been possible due to our high levels of automation. Our Internet-based employee self-service portal allows quick approvals and disbursements while maintaining security, accuracy, and confidentiality.


1.Preliminary training of employees, after selecting them for a job.

2.Training of administrative staff regarding obligations to the company and the rest of the employees (depending on the organization chart).

3.Specific training of staff related to the object of the company’s commercial activity, such as: sales, service provision, etc.

4.Offering ideas and forms of annual employee review.

5.Comprehensive training introducing new ideas and techniques for problem solving, investing in leadership and employee management.

6.Providing techniques aimed at enhancing employee performance.

7.Provide job management manuals for each job position in the company.


1.Posting vacancies on the company website.

2.Advice on publishing job descriptions.

3.Generating lists of applicants.

4.Generating lists of names of persons registered on the website, providing consistency between the requirements of applicants and companies.

5.Filtering candidates based on CVs, and selecting suitable candidates.

6.In-depth evaluation of skills and competencies through conducting interviews, internal testing and reference verification.

7.Offering candidates for part-time, seasonal or specific projects.

8.Guides employees on the most effective methods of interviewing new employees

External consultancy

1.Providing consultancy on contract drafting in accordance with labor legislation.

2.Providing assistance in keeping up-to-date full documentation of employees.

3.Legal advice on the compatibility of internal documentation with labor legislation and other bylaws of law enforcement agencies.

4.Assistance in determining salaries by sector and hierarchical level of employees.

5.Calculation of monthly salaries of employees.

6.Registration of employees in the social and health insurance system.

7.Provide necessary monthly calculations on social contributions, taxes, bank transfers and other reports.

8.Updating absences, health reports and annual vacation days by years of work.

Career orientation

We offer strategic career orientation about career change and advancement opportunities. Our recruitment staff is available for appointments with you for guidance on writing a strong resume, goal setting, career planning, brainstorming educational opportunities, and mock interviewing.

Job search resources

We offer career training courses that will help you to maximize your growth potential and give you insight into the competitive recruitment, examination, and hiring process. You will learn how to:

1.Produce a better Job Application.

2.Provide the kind of responses to Supplemental Questions that make your qualifications stand out.

3.Respond to questions in the HR Oral Interview Examination.

4.Prepare for the Department Selection Interview and anticipate what hiring managers are looking for.

 Employee motivation

Managers will learn how to apply motivational theories and techniques to workplace situations and understand how a leadership style motivates and demotivates employees. Managers will also learn the importance of recognizing achievement and problem solving as a way to motivate performance. Finally, managers are given important tips on how to create and maintain a motivated personal attitude in the workplace.

Team building & Workplace communication

Team building can play a huge part in strengthening a corporate culture and a great tool in achieving an efficient organization. With good team building skills, you can unite employees around a common goal and generate greater productivity. Team building cannot only provide an overall insight into how employees perform together but enables you can set tasks with company objectives in mind. This can be done by including activities set around your company direction for the year. It’s a great opportunity to ask employees about any of the queries they have and what they feel could be improved. We can train your staff and create a synergic team out of them.

Employment law

Our solutions for you range from several levels of Employment Safe Services, to Tribe, our comprehensive HR law consultancy. An oversight such as an out of date contract, a mismanaged grievance or disciplinary issue, or any other disputes with your employees, can leave you vulnerable. Tribunal claims for discrimination or unfair dismissal often amount to thousands of euros/dollars, and many hours of hard work for you.  They can also damage your company’s reputation. Whatever your concern, we are here to offer advice, using a clear language.


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